A player wielding a Blade
Training:Blade (training) Blade (training)
Class: Spy Spy
Range: 4
Rate of fire: ?


The Blade is a Spy class weapon, requiring Blade Training. It's a melee weapon that features high damage, a secondary melee attack and a variety of damage types. The secondary attack is based on Hand to Hand Combat training and gains the knockback ability granted by that training at higher ranks. Fully trained, the Blade grants an enormous damage bonus when attacking from behind.


Blades can be equipped by dragging them from your inventory to the weapon tray. The primary mode of attack uses the blade of the weapon, while the secondary attack uses the hilt.


The Blade lacks any ranged attack and is entirely for melee, unlike its cousin the Staff. At pump 3 or above, damage is multiplied if the strike is delivered to the target's back - a variety of Spy and Ranger abilities can aid with this.

It's worth noting that a Spy using Blades benefits more than most from Hand to Hand Combat, as they are already in melee range. The weapon's alternate attack inherits knockback at pump 3 or higher, adding battlefield control to the Spy's melee options with a Blade.


Subtype Damage type Ammunition Magazine Size Image
Filament Blade Physical Physical None N/A Filament Blade
Photonic Blade Laser Laser None N/A Photonic Blade
Electric Blade Electric Electric None N/A Electric Blade
Incendiary Blade Fire Fire None N/A Incendiary Blade
Cryogenic Blade Ice Ice None N/A Cryogenic Blade

Damage progressionEdit

Subtype Filament Blade Photonic Blade Electric Blade Incendiary Blade Cryogenic Blade
Level Filament Blade Photonic Blade Electric Blade Incendiary Blade Cryogenic Blade
30 2263
31 2468 2545
36 3805
41 5869
46 9051
50 12800
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