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The Attributes of a character determine how strong he/she is and how well he/she is suited to perform certain tasks.

To view a character's attributes, open the attributes window by pressing [P] (default key).

The base value of each attribute is determined by the character's level. In addition, primary attributes may be improved by spending attribute points on them. Furthermore, attributes may be improved by bearing armor or weapons with modifiers on them.

Primary attributes[]

The primary attributes are determined by a base value plus the number of spent attribute points per attribute. The base value varies depending on whether the character is human or a hybrid clone.

Body.png Body[]

"Your physical strength and endurance. Primarily increases maximum health and total armor absorption. Secondarily increases maximum power."

Mind.png Mind[]

"Your intellect and quickness of wit. Primarily increases maximum power and damage done with Logos Abilities. Secondarily increases regeneration rate."

Spirit.png Spirit[]

"Your strength of will. Primarily increases regeneration rate and chance for Critical Hit. Secondarily increases maximum health."

Derived attributes[]

Derived attributes, also known as secondary attributes, are derived from the above mentioned primary attributes.

The exact formula to calculate derived attributes from level, primary attributes and modifiers is currently unknown.

Maximum health[]

"A measure of how much damage a being can withstand before dying from injuries."

Maximum power[]

"A measure of how much Logos abilities a player can cast."

Regeneration rate[]

"Improves natural regeneration of Health and Power."

Body armor[]

Main article: Body armor

Body armor is not strictly a derived attribute as it isn't determined by primary attributes, but by the armor that the character is wearing.

Damage resistances[]

Main article: Damage resistance

Damage resistance is not strictly an attribute as it isn't determined by primary attributes, but by the armor that the character is wearing.