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An Unexpected Test
Mission sequence
Requirement: Searching for Acceptance
Follow-up: An Unexpected Test - Part II

Finding Acceptance

Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Ranger Kogari
- Location: Hightower Outpost
Reward giver: Ranger Kogari
- Location: Hightower Outpost
Credits: 2,850

Virulent Injector Gun Vextronics Virulent Injector Gun
Electric Net Gun Chitech Electric Net Gun
EMP Pistol Vitalius EMP Pistol

Overview.png Overview[]

Search for the young Forean squad in the Deadwoods and lead them back to safety.

Objectives.png Objectives[]

  • Find the Young Forean Squad
  • Find the missing Young Forean named Sohrani
  • Return to Soanji with news of his brother

Dialogue.png Dialogue[]


If you really want to prove yourself to us, then help us save our own. We have gotten word that a group of young Foreans have left the safety of the Walk of Giants and are out to make a name for themselves by fighting the Bane. They've been spotted past enemy lines and are now pinned down by Bane in the Deadwoods to the east. Get down there, and bring them back. Let us see if you truly deserve to be here or not.


I sense that you speak the truth about the cowardly Sohrani. I hope he meets a fate worse than death. He is my brother no more.

Walkthrough.png Walkthrough[]

The Young Forean squad is just to the south east from Hightower, near the waterfall. Look for a Forean totem pole. If the squad is not there, another player is currently escorting them. Wait for a bit, and they will reappear.

Sohrani is in the cave behind the waterfall. Make sure you have Pincer Power before you start this mission, as the cave is full of Fithiks. Also, the Logos Man is in cave, towards the back of the cave.

Once you've located Sohrani and gotten the logos, return to Soanji. Again, if the squad isn't there, they are being escorted by someone else - just wait a bit!

Once you start escorting them, you need to take them to the Walk of Giants. You can either go immediately east across the log bridge, then south to the Walk, or go south along the River, then east across the southern bridge.