Altered Miasma
Altered Miasma
Type: Biological
Weak To: Fire Fire
Resists: none
Immune To: Ice Ice


Altered Miasmas are Miasmas that have been modified by the Bane for use as troops. Like other altered creatures, they do not attack any nearby Bane allies, have a slightly darker appearance and are in most other respects identical to regular Miasmas. DescriptionEdit

This information is frome the regular Miasma info page.

Physical TraitsEdit

Slightly larger then the average human.

Damage TypeEdit

Physical, Cold

Weapons UsedEdit

Miasmas do not use weapons. Instead they attack with their physical form.

Special AttacksEdit

Miasma attack en masse and can drain a victim of their energy, which is then added to their own defenses.


None, but Miasmas have the ability to phase in and out during an attack, making them extremely hard to target.


The use of non-energy weapons is highly recommended when confronted by a Mox.

Attack RangeEdit



Miasmas are usually found in medium sized groups of 3 to 5. More can be found together if they are encountered in their natural habitats in caves or other secluded areas.