A Fading Signal
Mission sequence
Requirement: ??
Follow-up: Stolen History
Required Level >10
Mission giver: Elder Q'uoa
- Location: Thoria Das
Reward giver: Elder Q'uoa
- Location: Thoria Das
XP: 15,000
Credits: 2,100

lvl 15 Electric Net Gun Shinobi Electric Net Gun
lvl 16 Laser Rifle AccuMax Laser Rifle
lvl 18 Electric Polarity Gun Vextronics Electric Polarity Gun
This is a regular mission. All rewards are Modified quality.

Overview.png Overview[]

Visit the tagged locations in search of clues to the status of the Forean scout party. Report back to Elder Q'uoa with any information you find.

Objectives.png Objectives[]

  • Investigate the planned scout stop.
  • Investigate the second planned scout stop.
  • Investigate the third planned scout stop.
  • Speak to the dying Forean scout.

Dialogue.png Dialogue[]


Elder Q'uoa:

One of our scouting parties has gone missing, and I would ask your help in the search, Human.
The scouts were searching for Bane infiltration teams to the south and missed their last three checkin rendezvous. I'll provide your with a list of several locations they planned to search. Perhaps you could investigate these locations for any clues to the whereabouts of the scouts.

Speak to the dying Forean scout.[]

Dying Forean:

We have failed. The traitor is still traveling and slipped our grasp with all the artifacts. Please... you must tell Q'uoa. The information is all lost!


Elder Q'uoa:

Ahhh. Yes. I was not entirely truthful in my original instructions. For that, I apologize, but it was of necessessity. Let this token renew our trust.
Please, perhaps you can still help us with a great favor.

Walkthrough.png Walkthrough[]

Head south down the road from Thora Das. The first mission point will be off the road to the west, near the Defend logos (133, 141, 723). Return to the road, head south past Supplier Simms, and then swing east toward the second point. You will come to the point, but discover you are still above it. Continue east until you drop down a short cliff to the entrance of a cave. Xanx inhabit the area, so keep wary. Push into the cave to find the second location (358, 87, 653). In front of you happens to be the door to the War logos.

Exit the cave and then make your way up the hill to the south. Push toward the indicator, and you will come across a dying Forean (381, 113, 501). Speak to him and return to Elder Q'uoa.