AFS Issued Footlocker
AFS Issued Footlocker
A typical AFS Issued Footlocker
Default key: F (use)


The AFS Issued Footlocker - or just footlocker for short - is a storage box that is shared among all characters of an account. The footlocker extends the backpack storage and allows the player to transfer items and credits among his/her characters.

The footlocker holds up to 96 items and is presented in an 8x12 grid. The footlocker window can be switched in size between a 10 and a 5 row vertical display.

Footlockers can be found in all major AFS outposts, usually in the barracks/dorm and occasionally in the hospital or crafting area. They can be seen on the map window and mini map: Map Mini Footlocker.jpg

Opening the footlocker automatically opens the backpack window too, for quick items transfer.


In-game object appearance

To transfer an item from or to the backpack, right-click it, or drag and drop it. If you drop an item on an other item, the two items will be swapped.

To delete an item, drag and drop it to the Trash Can Trash Can icon in the lower right corner of either the backpack or the footlocker window, then confirm the deletion prompt.

To transfer credits, press the [Credit Transfer] button at the bottom of the footlocker window, which makes a pop-up window appear. Enter the amount of credits you want to transfer and press either the [Withdraw] or [Deposit] button.

Even if all characters are deleted, the footlocker will retain all items left in it.

Bug.png Bug! On occasion, footlockers will appear empty, or partially empty, or will not allow transfer of items/credits to/from it. This is a common bug and can usually be resolved by using another footlocker or eventually logging off and on.